Why Invest in Quality Siding In Ortonville, MI

Siding in Ortonville

According to U.S. codes, there must by law be at least one square foot of ventilation for every 150 square feet of roofing. So what's so important about roofing ventilation? Actually, it's one of the most important parts of your roofing's structure.

Proper roof ventilation extends the lifespan of your roof by preventing build-ups of condensation and moisture formation. These can lead to mold and mildew growth, which will cause your roofing to start to rot. It can also have a negative effect on your home's indoor air quality, and it can be very harmful to your family's health. The Oakland County roofing contractors at Alpine Roofing Complete can provide you with roofing services and ensure that your roofing always has proper ventilation.

When it comes to siding installation for your Ortonville home, there will be decisions to make such as quality, color, style, and material type. Quality siding provides benefits that are worth looking into.

With our 60 years as Ortonville roofing contractors, we've come to recognize the many proven benefits that quality siding offers our customers. This is why we recommend investing in a quality siding product over choosing standard products.

Quality siding is an investment that lasts longer. Along the way to the end of its usefulness, it will need fewer repairs. You can actually spend way more on the siding you choose in the few years to come if the materials aren't durable.

High-performance siding comes in easy to care for materials. Color fading isn't a problem like it is with standard siding. And, since the materials are made to be more durable, they come with better warranties.

More Design Choices With Quality Siding

Designer Color Choices - One of the fastest ways to make a huge difference in how your home looks on the exterior is to install siding. Quality siding offers you more designer choices that standard siding. There are many great designer color options and styles to go with the style of your home. The designer siding tends to come in darker shades for a contemporary look.

Premium Vinyl Siding Styles In Shakes & Scallops - Among some of the most popular siding styles is the wood shake or scallops design. Scallop siding is most often used on Victorian style homes. Wood shake siding is a tile siding that has been around a long time. It is an American style with English influence. It is most often found on colonial or Victorian style homes.

  • Horizontal Siding
  • Vertical Siding
  • Cedar Shake Vinyl Siding
  • Board & Batten Siding
  • Clapboard Siding
  • Dutch Lap Siding
  • Beaded Siding
  • Shake Siding
  • Scalloped Siding

More Features With Quality Siding

Another reason to invest in quality siding are the features you can't get with standard siding. For instance, a good quality foam backed siding adds to the insulation factor of the home.

Manufacturers make it a point to continually improve products. Be sure you specify the features you want with your Ortonville siding installation contractor because they can vary between products. With quality siding, you get more:

  • Impact resistance
  • Climate shielding properties
  • Resistance to hurricane-force winds
  • Breathability for good ventilation
  • Better panel design
  • Thicker product

Fewer Repairs & Longer Lasting Quality Siding

Siding is quite an investment as far as home improvement goes. It's important to weigh the pros and cons of quality siding vs. standard siding. The only negative you'll see is the higher upfront cost of quality siding.

As far as benefits go, there will be fewer repairs and longer lasting quality. Premium vinyl siding won't warp or twist. It won't be affected by insects, water, or moisture.

  • Warping or buckling
  • Fading
  • Cracking
  • Denting
  • Noisy siding
  • Moisture problems

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